Our Approach To Chiropractic


If your body is an instrument; your Chiropractor is the conductor.


In our approach to Chiropractic care and wellness, we believe in treating the root cause of your pain and dysfunction, unquestionably not just focusing on temporary solutions to your symptoms. This is because at MYo Lab, we take the extra time, knowledge, skill, and practices. From initial assessment and during your treatment plan we discover the source of what may be holding you back in living your fullest, healthiest, pain-free life. 


Using evidence-based and proven practices, we offer true corrections to pain and dysfunction that exceed guidelines of our practices, expertise, and patient values. Our diversity in care and Practitioners means completely personalized programs with individualized results. Whether your care involves stability and rehabilitation, underlying mobility issues, strength development, or acute pain prevention and relief. 

Our Process


Your first visit to MYo Lab is focused on taking the time to properly determine the cause and patterns of your pain—why it’s there and what’s making it worse—and establishing a proper diagnosis. Afterwards establishing your history and performing a movement assessment, your Chiropractor can focus on areas with dysfunction to determine any contribution to your pain.


Afterwards, your Chiropractor will go over your personalized care plan, and your road to pain free wellness has started. At MYo Lab, we don’t believe in a simple adjustment and a goodbye because we value the long-term health of our community.


Our Modalities


Our Chiropractors are trained in a variety of modalities and utilize them on your care and wellness sessions with them. These modalities include: acupuncture/dry-needling, shockwave, low-level laser, and Graston. Please do not hesitate to ask your Chiropractor if you have any questions about these modalities and/or if you would like them used more in any of your sessions at MYo Lab.

chiropractic adjustment on the low back
Common Conditions Treated



•TMJ dysfunction (jaw pain)

•Neck pain

•Middle and low back pain

•Disc herniations


•Shoulder, elbow, wrist pain

•Hip, knee, and ankle pain

•Neuropathy and nerve entrapments

Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)

Workers Compensation Board (WCB)

•Sports Injuries


•General health/well-being

•And more…


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