Our Approach


If your body is an instrument; your Chiropractor is the conductor.


We believe in treating the root cause of your pain and dysfunction, unquestionably not just focusing on temporary solutions to your symptoms. This is because at MYo Lab, we take the extra time, knowledge, skill, and practices. From initial assessment and during your treatment plan we discover the source of what may be holding you back in living your fullest, healthiest, pain-free life. 


Using scientific evidence and proven practices, we offer true corrections to pain and dysfunction that exceed guidelines of our practices, expertise, and patient values. Our diversity in treatments and practitioners means completely personalized programs with individualized results. Whether your treatment involves stability and rehabilitation, underlying mobility issues, strength development, or acute pain prevention and relief. 

Our Process


Your first visit to MYo Lab is focused on taking the time to properly determine the cause and patterns of your pain—why it’s there and what’s making it worse—and establishing a proper diagnosis. Afterwards establishing your history and performing a movement assessment, your Chiropractor can focus on areas with dysfunction to determine any contribution to your pain.


Afterwards, your Chiropractor will go over your personalized treatment plan, and your road to pain free wellness has started. At MYo Lab, we don’t believe in a simple adjustment and a goodbye because we value the long-term health of our community.

Common Conditions Treated



•TMJ dysfunction (jaw pain)

•Neck pain

•Middle and low back pain

•Disc herniations


•Shoulder, elbow, wrist pain

•Hip, knee, and ankle pain

•Neuropathy and nerve entrapments

•Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVAs)

•Sports Injuries


•General health/well-being

•And more…


Meet Our Chiropractic Team



Dr. Evan Schwindt

Dr. Evan Schwindt

Chiropractor | Owner | CEO


Evan is a former collegiate basketball player who decided on a career as a Chiropractor after a better return-to-sport experience with Chiropractic than what traditional rest and anti-inflammatories could offer. He’ll be participating in ‘No-Shave November’ in 2030.


Areas of Passion


Low Back and Hips: Since day 1 on his chiropractic journey, Evan has seen the firsthand benefit of treating common conditions with a focus on the SI joints (pelvis). Accordingly he has found great success in helping people especially with low back and/or hip pain that has not responded favourably to other treatments.


Headaches/Migraines: When Evan first moved to Calgary he experienced the dreaded Chinook headaches, which created a drive to help people experiencing such pain get back to doing what they love.


Basketball Athletes: As a former Collegiate basketball athlete himself, Evan enjoys utilizing his passion and experience in the sport along with his professional expertise to serve these athletes.


Treatment Techniques

•Pelvis/SI joint focused treatment philosophy

•Sport-based Chiropractic treating extremities and active populations

•Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and dry-needling/IMS certified


Dr. Chantelle Green

Dr. Chantelle Green

Chiropractor | Chiropractic Team Lead


Chantelle is a former recreational dancer with a passion for helping people lead the life they want to live. She believes that when people are moving well, and moving often, they’re unstoppable. She once shaved her head to win an argument, so you know she has the dedication to help you do you.


Areas of Passion


Lower Body: With a background as a child who was prescribed orthotics with little clinical reasoning or follow-up, Chantelle is passionate about addressing the dysfunctions in your lower extremities that create compensation patterns and pain in the rest of the body. 


Women’s Health: Chantelle believes that although women’s health includes pregnancy and post-natal care, it goes far beyond that. Back pain from bras and the pelvic floor shouldn’t be taboo subjects, and women should be provided with the opportunity to discuss their concerns and feel heard and validated. 


Artistic Athletes: As a former recreational dancer, Chantelle understands that artistic athletes present a unique challenge. She loves helping them see how their exceptional mobility needs to be built upon a solid foundation of strength.


Treatment Techniques

•Diversified adjusting

•Manual muscle release

•Core activation and breathing techniques


Dr. Terrance Hartley

Dr. Terrance Hartley



Terrance is a University of Calgary Dinos Football alumni with the vertical of a kangaroo. He believes that Chiropractic is a great natural way to get people out of pain, help them function better, and optimize their performance, allowing them to do what they love.


Areas of Passion


Concussion Management: With a passion to work with athletes, Terrance understands concussion education and treatment is essential to serve this population both safely and effectively. Furthermore returning them to school and sport without long-term negative effects.


Shoulders: With an athletic background, Terrance has dealt with numerous shoulder injuries himself, driving his focus on numerous continuing education courses for this difficult area to help people the way he wishes he was helped.


Football Athletes: As a former University football player, Terrance has a thorough understanding of the sport, allowing for an easy connection to be established for effective care.


Treatment Techniques

•Full body adjusting

•Acupuncture and dry-needling/IMS Certified

•Active/dynamic cupping


Dr. Shelly Bouvier

Dr. Shelly Bouvier



Shelly spent her life as a competitive dancer and continued into university where she received a Bachelor in Kinesiology with a Minor in Dance. Shelly has always had a passion for how the body moves which ultimately led her down the path of Chiropractic due to the numerous injuries that came along with dance.


Areas of Passion


Pelvis/Low Back: Her Chiropractic philosophy is that the pelvis is the foundation of the entire body and most complaints stem from this area. Due to many mentors in her life and her experience first-hand as a patient she has found great success in working with the body using this approach.


Paediatrics: Shelly began seeing a Chiropractor at the age of 8 due to a skating injury. She saw first-hand how Chiropractic care can help from a young age and ultimately helped further her ability to move and dance. Chiropractic care for paediatrics can range from a newborn all the way up into adulthood!


Weekend Warriors: Hiking is a passion of Shelly’s, and she can fully understand having a busy Monday-Friday schedule with minimal time to workout and take care of the body. She enjoys working with this population for help them achieve goals beyond what they expected of themselves while working around their busy schedule!


Treatment Techniques

•Full body adjusting/mobilizations

•Instrumented assisted soft tissue

•Extremity adjustments

•Activator technique


Chloe Martin

Chloe Martin

Chiropractic Assistant


Chloe has grown up playing contact sports, as her dad hated her being in gymnastics. She has travelled quite a bit with her rugby and lacrosse teams. Growing up playing sports since the tender age of 3, along the way she has sustained multiple injuries. Which led her to chronic shoulder and knee injuries. Although, through these injuries she had developed an interest in studying anatomy and movement patterns.


When she was offered to be Terrance’s assistant, she could not say yes any quicker. Through this opportunity, Chloe wants to pursue a career in the health and wellness industry.


Outside of the clinic, you can find Chloe cheering on her favourite NHL team. She will gladly discuss the game of hockey and debate why the Edmonton Oilers are better than the Calgary Flames.