Footmaxx Custom Orthotics

Our Approach To Custom Orthotics


Reach your peak performance with Footmaxx custom orthotics! From low back pain to plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and metatarsalgia, custom orthotics can help manage a variety of foot to lower extremity problems to not only help pain, but aid in movement patterns ensuring a more optimal gait. Orthotics can be useful for anyone but especially those who are on their feet a lot throughout the day or for those who partake in physical activity on their feet (e.g. hiking, running, weightlifting etc.)!


We offer a wide variety of custom orthotics options to fit your personal lifestyle and needs. With over ten different orthotic options ranging from the Expedition (for athletes who want the best shock absorption), the Queen Cobra (that allows for maximum support while wearing stylish high heels), Comfortmaxx (with temperature and moisture control), and Sportmaxx (specialized orthotics with custom gait correction for a variety of different sports), we are sure we have the right orthotic for you!


Our Chiropractors certified in custom orthotics will take a thorough history and examination to determine which product best suits you for your condition and they are proud to do this through 3D orthotic scanning! Why is this important? 3D Scanning is the gold standard for insurance companies in Canada when it comes to orthotics. If you’ve been frustrated with your insurance company not accepting a 2D scan, you’re now in luck!



One Pair of Custom Orthotics – $450


Two Pairs of Custom Orthotics – $800


One Pair of Custom Winter Orthotics – $450


Two Pairs of Custom Winter Orthotics – $800


One Pair of Custom Sandal Orthotics – $550


Two Pairs of Custom Sandal Orthotics – $950


Note: Calgary and surrounding area average price

for one pair of orthotics is $500

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