"Creating Community Through Movement"

What We Represent

Myo- (prefix): Denoting a relationship to muscle

Lab- (noun): A building equipped for research or teaching

Muscles are needed for movement, and at MYo Lab, we believe movement is the best form of medicine! "MY" because without you we would never exist! What's your MYo?

About Us

Multi-Disciplinary Healthcare

We offer Chiropractic and Massage Therapy as a diversified sports therapy approach in our beautiful, cutting edge clinic in Calgary.

Customized Personal Training + Group Fitness

By combining posture correction, mobility, and functional strengthening, our training will improve performance in both elite athletics and in daily life. We offer private and group training, as well as weekly classes.

Welcome to YOUR Community

Strong community is the lifeblood of Calgary; we invite you to participate with us, through movement!



#300, 227 10 St NW Calgary, AB MYo Lab

#300, 227 10 Street NW, Calgary, Alberta

Phone #: (403) 930 - 8686

Fax #: (403) 930 - 8687

Located in the beautiful Kensington neighbourhood!

We are located on the entire 3rd floor of the building.

Enter through the front doors next to Shawarma Station and walk straight up the grand staircase (rear elevator coming soon!)



    Monday: 2pm-9pm

                    Tuesday-Thursday: 12pm-9pm

               Friday-Sunday: 10am-5pm


                  Monday-Thursday: 6am-9pm

  Friday: 6am-5pm

                 Saturday-Sunday: 9am-5pm


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