The Graston Technique is a form of manual therapy known as soft-tissue instrument-assisted mobilization. It is one of a number of manual therapy approaches that uses instruments with a specialized form of massage/scraping the skin gently.


Chiefly, Graston therapy is designed to help the practitioner identify areas of fascial restriction and attempt to break up scar tissue during rehabilitation. This method assists in faster rehabilitation and with greater success when the goal is restoring range of motion, eliminating pain, and restoring normal function.


It is certainly beneficial in breaking up fascial restrictions, scar tissue adhesions, and detecting areas of chronic inflammation and/or fibrosis. It has been known to help conditions such as a cervical sprain/strain, tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow, lumbar sprain/strain, rotator cuff tendinosis, and even Achilles tendinosis.


Graston technicians work by utilizing one of six stainless steel tools to diagnose and treat a certain condition. Designated areas of the body use certain tools to break up adhesions, so that the healing process may start immediately.


Our Chiropractors incorporate Graston therapy into their treatment sessions when it is seen to be beneficial for the patients treatment or wellness plan.


Common Conditions Treated

•Achilles tendonitis

•IT band syndrome

•Medial/lateral epicondylitis

•Muscle strains

•Muscle tightness

•Scar tissue

•Neck/back pain

•Hip/leg pain

•And more…