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No matter where you are in your care or wellness journey, MYo Lab’s certified Personal Trainers are the key to unlocking your health, habits, and success in movement with our Personal Training Subscriptions. This is because simply, we can train everyone.


Driven by science-based results and long-term change, our Personal Trainers utilize completely personalized and custom training care plans. Therefore bringing our members from pain-free living to optimal strength by using focused training methods.


Our Personal Trainers work simultaneously with our Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, and Physiotherapists to triangulate and co-treat our members. Certainly, this offers the most comprehensive plan for wellness that will achieve long-term and lifestyle changes. This is done in the most efficient, safest, cost-effective, and results-driven way.


Our beautiful gym space includes a sled track with multiple squat racks and benches; a full cable machine setup; a complete dumbbell and kettlebell rack; a full cardio setup including treadmill, spin cycle, assault bike, rowing machine, and ski erg; a TRX system; and a variety of accessories such as resistance bands, balance trainers, foam rollers, and more.


Personal Training Subscriptions


1-on-1 Training Subscription




Gym subscriptions are designed to bridge the gap between people who are fiscally able to pre-purchase a package, and those who are not. It creates an option for individuals who wish to commit to a training plan, but want the value of the package.


These subscriptions will be available at either 2x or 3x/week, at a rate of $80/session + GST ($336 or $504 every two weeks depending on the number of sessions/week).


Semi-Private Training Subscription




These subscriptions will be available 2x/week, at a rate of $65/session/person + GST.

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