Our Approach To Physiotherapy


Movement problems? We’ve got movement solutions.


Looking for a different approach to Physiotherapy? With a focus on movement and exercise-based rehab, our Physiotherapists use a dedicated and direct treatment philosophy to bring you from pain to performing your daily activities of life without discomfort.


Contrary to many Physiotherapists, we treat our members with care and evidence-based treatments that go beyond simply applying heat and pads. At MYo Lab, by stretching and strengthening—addressing weaknesses and dysfunction—we move in order to keep you moving.


Our Process


During your first visit with your Physiotherapist, we will gain insight on your health history in order to uncover the underlying cause of your pain. Then, after an individualized movement assessment and examination, your Physiotherapist will determine how to correct your dysfunction, and develop your care plan to help you move forward with your life.



Our Modalities


Our Physiotherapists are trained in a variety of modalities and utilize them on your care and wellness sessions with them. These modalities include: acupuncture/dry-needlingshockwave, low-level laser, Schroth Scoliosis Method, and Pelvic Floor Phsyiotherapy. Please do not hesitate to ask our Physiotherapists if you have any questions about these modalities and/or if you would like them used more in any of your sessions at MYo Lab.

physiotherapy exercises
Common Conditions Treated



•Neck pain

•Middle and low back pain


Pelvic floor dysfunction

•Shoulder, elbow, wrist pain

•Hip, knee, and ankle pain

Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)

Workers Compensation Board (WCB)

•Sports Injuries


•General health/well-being

•And more…


Meet Our Physiotherapists


Lydia Carter | MPT, BAKin

Lydia Carter | MPT, BAKin



Lydia has dabbled in more sports than we want to list here, and her injuries from them are what drew her to a career in physical therapy. Currently, her favourite sport is picking up heavy things and putting them down.


Areas of Passion


Concussions: The brain is amazing, and no two concussion rehab programs are the same.


Women’s Health: With special training in Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy, she has a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges faced by many female athletes.


Weekend Warriors: Everyone, from elite athletes to weekend warriors, will benefit from learning proper movement patterns to excel in their activities and protect themselves both on and off the field.


Treatment Techniques

•Education: the foundation of all rehabilitation programs

•Dry needling

•Progressive overload training


Daniel Lawson | MPT, BAKin, ISST Schroth Therapist

Daniel Lawson | MPT, BAKin, ISST Schroth Therapist



Dan was a competitive distance runner, hockey player and competed semi-professionally in kick boxing/Muay Thai in Japan. He found a passion for physical therapy while self-rehabbing the many, many injuries he and his teammates sustained boxing.


Areas of Passion


Running Injuries: humans are ‘born to run’ as Christopher McDougall put it, and there is no experience quite like running. However, like any repetitive mechanical movement, overtraining and/or poor motor patterning can result in recurring pain and injury.


Low and Mid Back Issues: Dan has struggled with back issues caused by idiopathic scoliosis since his teens, which fostered an empathy and drive in him to help those with back problems.


Seniors (55+): Dan enjoys working with seniors to maintain their functionality and quality of life. He also enjoys hearing nostalgic stories from back in the day.


Treatment Techniques

•Soft tissue release

•McGill Method for back pain

•Building a doable home exercise program


Tatiiana Konkin | Physiotherapy Assistant

Tatiiana Konkin | Physiotherapy Assistant

Physiotherapy Assistant


Tatiiana completed her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology in 2020 from Dalhousie University and has recently graduated with a Post-Bachelor’s Certificate in Athletic Therapy from Mount Royal University. Growing up figure skating, Tatiiana has sustained multiple injuries and it was through the treatment of these injuries that she discovered her passion for athletics and healthcare. Tatiiana finds great joy in seeing others make progress in their rehabilitation and succeed in reaching their goals.


In her free time, Tatiiana can be found embroidering, being dragged out for hikes with her friends, gardening, and going for walks with her dog Soup. New(ish) to Calgary, she also loves exploring the city and what it has to offer!