Personal Training

Our Approach To Personal Training


Where science and function meets strength and will. 


No matter where you are in your care or wellness journey, MYo Lab’s certified Personal Trainers are the key to unlocking your health, habits, and success in movement. This is because simply, they can train everyone.


Driven by evidence-based results and long-term change, our Personal Trainers utilize completely personalized and custom training treatment plans. Therefore bringing their members from pain-free living to optimal strength by using focused training methods.


Our Personal Trainers work simultaneously with our Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, and Physiotherapists to triangulate and co-treat our members. Certainly, this offers the most comprehensive plan for wellness that will achieve long-term and lifestyle changes. This is done in the most efficient, safest, cost-effective, and results-driven way.




Personal Training Packages


Packages of 24 are available starting at $45/session for 30-minute sessions and $75/session for 60-minute sessions.


Personal Training Subscriptions


Subscriptions are available at either 2x or 3x/week, at a rate of $80/session + GST ($336 or $504 every two weeks depending on the number of sessions/week).


Personal Training With Insurance Benefits?


We are excited to offer Exercise Rehab Sessions for eligible members through insurance benefits. This is thanks to the knowledge and certifications of our Personal Training team, working accordingly with our Chiropractors and Physiotherapists. These are offered at $85/session. Book in for a consult to learn more about how your coverage can take you to the next level.


Virtual Personal Training


Can’t make it to the Lab? No problem! We offer completely personalized Virtual Training Packages. These are designed by our Personal Trainers to get you to your goals and beyond from anywhere, even with limited equipment. Perks of our Virtual Training Package include: daily/weekly/monthly exercise and program tracking, personalized video demos, daily virtual support, and progress check-ins. This is offered at $400.


*Minimum 8-week programming and select in-person sessions.

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We Offer

•1:1 Personal Training

•2:1 Semi-Personal Training

•Exercise Rehab Training

•Virtual Training Programs

•Personal Training Consultations

•Form Correction Sessions

•Strength & Hypertrophy (Building Muscle)

•Fat Loss

•Flexibility & Mobility

•Sports Training

•Core Strength


•Fitness Maintenance

•HIIT/Circuit Training

•And more…

Meet Our Personal Trainers

Ryan Ferrier

Ryan Ferrier

Personal Trainer | ACE CPT FNS | Movement Team Lead


Ryan is a results-focused Personal Trainer dedicated to creating daily victories while evolving goals with his clients. After nearly twenty years in the arts and publishing industries, Ryan found his true calling helping people become the best versions of themselves through movement. A workout with Ryan guarantees achievable, purposeful fitness that will challenge you while being the most fun you can have in a gym. He believes fitness can truly be for everyone and anyone.


Areas of Passion


Functional Fitness: By focusing on safety and form in tandem with essential movements and compound exercises, programming can be utilized at any stage of fitness for long-term success.


Strength and Hypertrophy: Increasing overall strength and creating muscle growth while connecting the mind with the body, from athletes to those new to training.


Body Recomposition: Identifying specific goals and crafting programming to lose fat and gain muscle sustainably and correctly.


Decommissioned Clientele: Working closely with those new to fitness or lapsed in training to develop the tools and bases necessary for long-term results and positive attitudes towards exercise and our own selves.


Training Styles

•Physically challenging and mentally stimulating training; every single workout should be an accomplishment while being fun

•Building intrinsic motivation and forming healthy lifelong habits that nurture healthy, positive relationships with ourselves and our fitness; exercise can be one of the best parts of your day

•Positive, trust-based, and specified training at client’s level; your trainers work with you to help you find success and make new goals

•Science-driven, form-based programming; reaching your goals should be a sustainable part of your life no matter where you are in your fitness journey

Hannah Terry

Hannah Terry

Personal Trainer | BA Phys Ed | NASM CPT


Hannah was once a competitive curler who competed in University at the ACAC level, winning a Provincial championship and a National bronze medal. From a young age she was drawn to fitness and developed a love for strength training. Her passion for Personal Training comes from her love of helping others, and wanting to make the gym a welcoming and fun place for everyone.


Areas of Passion


Mobility: Something she wishes she would have focused on earlier in her fitness journey, but now priorities especially when training others. Utilizing a proper warm up routine is crucial to keep you moving through a full range of motion pain and injury free.


Women’s Health: She wants to make the gym a fun and welcoming place, especially for women because she knows how easy it is to feel intimidated walking into a gym and being confused on how to navigate it properly. She will help you build the confidence to tackle the weight section with ease!


Beginner Lifters (Any Age): We all start somewhere, but the key to this is starting! She wants to help newcomers learn strength training and how to reach their goals in a healthy, non-restrictive way by making fitness an active part of their everyday lifestyle.


Training Style

•Progressive overload and time under tension

•Utilizing form cues to stimulate mind to muscle connection and reinforce proper technique

•Personalized programs to help you reach your fitness goals