Hannah Terry

Hannah Terry

Personal Trainer | BA Phys Ed | NASM CPT


Hannah was once a competitive curler who competed in University at the ACAC level, winning a Provincial championship and a National bronze medal. From a young age she was drawn to fitness and developed a love for strength training. Her passion for Personal Training comes from her love of helping others, and wanting to make the gym a welcoming and fun place for everyone.


Areas of Passion


Mobility: Something she wishes she would have focused on earlier in her fitness journey, but now priorities especially when training others. Utilizing a proper warm up routine is crucial to keep you moving through a full range of motion pain and injury free.


Women’s Health: She wants to make the gym a fun and welcoming place, especially for women because she knows how easy it is to feel intimidated walking into a gym and being confused on how to navigate it properly. She will help you build the confidence to tackle the weight section with ease!


Beginner Lifters (Any Age): We all start somewhere, but the key to this is starting! She wants to help newcomers learn strength training and how to reach their goals in a healthy, non-restrictive way by making fitness an active part of their everyday lifestyle.


Training Style

•Progressive overload and time under tension

•Utilizing form cues to stimulate mind to muscle connection and reinforce proper technique

•Personalized programs to help you reach your fitness goals



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