Schroth Scoliosis Management

What is Schroth Scoliosis Management?


Schroth Scoliosis Management is an exercise-based treatment approach from Germany that has been scientifically verified to generally reduce symptomology, improve trunk appearance, and improve the quality of life of those suffering from scoliosis/kyphosis.


Schroth exercises are specifically customized for your unique spinal deformation. The method teaches you how to simultaneously correct spinal rotation and increase lung capacity with a rotational breathing technique; help restore normal spinal position with pelvic corrections, breathing technique, and stabilizing isometric contractions; and also improve your posture during routine daily living, not just during therapy.


Accordingly, it is used as a first line scoliosis treatment in Europe’s public healthcare system. Although it is not yet offered publicly in Canada, instead leaving scoliosis patients here with only bracing and surgery as treatment options.


This method of care for scoliosis is offered by our Physiotherapist Dan, who is specifically trained in this method.



Complimentary Meet And Greet




15 minutes: Are you uncertain if you have scoliosis or do you have questions about the Schroth method for managing scoliosis? This complimentary meet up includes a quick scoliosis screening, and education on the Schroth method and how it can help you manage your specific scoliosis type.

Schroth Scoliosis Initial Assessment




60 minutes: Comprehensively includes history, postural assessment, and physical exam. You will be educated about your specific scoliosis type, which sets the foundation for treatment.


Schroth Scoliosis Follow Up




45 minutes: Thorough one-on-one treatment with your Physiotherapist. This will consist of mobilizations, exercise techniques, education, and adjustments or additions to your home exercise program.

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