This place is fantastic! Great location, staff are friendly and knowledgeable. I enjoy the clinic model of multiple disciplines working together to provide well-rounded treatment. I’d recommend this location to anyone looking to access any of the services offered.

– Kate Bowers

It has been a wonderful experience going to MYo Lab for assistance following an injury. My Practitioners are truly exceptional at their jobs. They take the time to inform and educate in addition to their work. My mobility has certainly improved since working with them and I would highly recommend anyone to check out MYo Lab if you’re looking for support.

– Meaghan Dessailly

MYo Lab came highly recommended and they didn’t fail to deliver. The entire team is amazing, striking the perfect balance between professional and friendly. I’ve been treated by many of their Practitioners. The treatments, irrespective of Practitioner have been great and my joints are noticeably better. I highly recommend MYo Lab.

– Greg Asenime

If you want the best care this is where you need to go! I have jumped around to many facilities to get proper care. Most places you get treatment and then you go home. Here they set you up for success. They email you your exercises. If you need to change your appointment and your person isn’t available no worries. They share your chart with the other staff so that everyone understands what is going on with your body and can treat you properly. They even have personal trainers there that can set you up with the best plan to help you achieve your goals.

– Laurie Jeselon

The clinic in itself is polished and inviting with a noticeably welcoming atmosphere. Each staff member that I’ve interacted with never feel short of attentive, respectful, and considerate. I was recommended to Evan for chiropractic work. He explained my injury in words that I could understand and was finally able to give me my answer(s). I noticed results after the second appointment and was able to return to the gym and my yoga practices after months of being out of commission due to back pain and tension. Thank you for everything!

– Jamie Kay

MYo Lab is great! The team has resolved many of my health issues and actually care about your recovery. The clinic is always judgement free, welcoming, and a positive environment. You are greeted with a smile and your time is valuable to them, rescheduling/booking is fast and easy. The teams communication with each other allows for patients to get the best care possible.

– Melissa Neal

I cannot say enough about the wonderful experience I’ve had with all the staff at MYo Lab. I’ve received many physiotherapy, massage, and chiropractic sessions here over the course of the last 6 months and they have helped me tremendously with my rehabilitation from a severe injury. The staff have been extremely kind and helpful and have gone out of their way to provide excellent service.

– Elisabeth Dyer

I have been seen by several practitioners at MYo Lab and always feel confident, no matter the issue, that I will be heard and supported through the process of healing. I would recommend MYo Lab to anyone.

– Heather Coates

I’ve been coming to MYo Lab for about six months to deal with a chronic hip injury and have used the whole gamut of services (physio, RMT, chiro, and personal training). Everyone, from the front desk staff to the practitioners have been professional, helpful, kind, and of course incredibly knowledgable. I love the team approach and everyone is aware of my current treatment goals and injuries. My issues are not ones that can be fixed without surgery, only managed in the meantime, but they are giving me all of the tools and encouragement to manage them as best I can until then. I’m extremely grateful that a place like MYo Lab exists in my neighbourhood.

– Kristin Hodgins


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