Therapeutic Massage

Looking for a Therapeutic Massage?


With our focus on therapeutic massage, if a problem found you, it can come back…but not at MYo Lab.


Although most people view massage as synonymous with on-the-surface relaxation, at MYo Lab we have a different approach. Our Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) place an emphasis on therapeutic massages, meaning deeper techniques are utilized to correct your body and movement. This type of massage is also known as a deep tissue massage. It involves more focused work on your body’s soft tissue — the muscles, tendons and ligaments that move and support your body.


Specifically, this allows massage to be used for recovery, injury prevention and mobility restoration. Within our team, our RMTs will be taking care of your muscular and connective tissue restrictions to move you further on the road to your goals.


Therapeutic massages are our focus at MYo Lab, but this doesn’t mean we ignore relaxation massage techniques vital for those who need to de-stress, slow down and take some time to unwind. If this is for you, be sure to let your RMT know so they can adjust their techniques appropriately.

man getting a back massage from a MYo Lab expert in MYo Lab Health & Wellness center

•Stiff and tight musculature



•Neck and back pain

•Low back pain

•Sports injuries

•Overuse injuries

•Postural-related pain

•Stress produced muscle tension

•And more…

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