Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)

Why Get Treatment For A Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)?


Regardless if a motor vehicle accident is a minor bump or your vehicle is a complete write off, it is essential to seek treatment straightaway. Surprisingly, people don’t seek treatment initially because they feel fine the first week after the accident, then eventually the soreness and stiffness creeps in. Unfortunately, the window has closed to get your treatment covered. Take the steps below to avoid this situation!


Did You Know?!


In any case, you are immediately eligible for 10 treatments for mild motor vehicle accidents (WAD I) and $120 of related therapy goods. And 21 treatments for more serious injuries (WAD II) and $160 of related therapy goods once approved by your insurance. Furthermore, these treatments can be a combination of Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, and Acupuncture


Starting treatment after an MVA has absolutely zero effect on your premium cost. If you are seeking care for a motor vehicle accident, give us a call or book in here!


Steps To Take


Step 1: Call your car insurance to start your MVA medical claim.


Step 2: Schedule an appointment as soon as possible. This can be scheduled with either our Chiropractic or Physiotherapy team.


Step 3: Complete an AB-1 Form (Notice of Loss and Proof Claim Form). These can be completed at the time of your Initial Assessment.


Step 4: Your Practitioner will conduct a thorough exam and initiate a treatment plan to meet your needs. They will submit an AB-2 Form (Treatment Plan Form) to your insurance company explaining your condition and what will be required.

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