Dynamic Cupping

What Is Dynamic Cupping?


Essentially, the practice of dynamic cupping uses negative pressure (suction) to lift blood from deep tissue to the surface layers of the skin. With dynamic cupping, the suction is created by depressing and then releasing a medical grade silicone cup. Then it is pulled over the skin with the use of massage oil. The skin pulls into the cup and reddens as blood vessels expand and fluid fills the suctioned area. Altogether multiple cups are placed strategically on the body and left for several minutes at a time.


Dynamic cupping treats all the same issues as traditional cupping and has been said to be even more beneficial for lasting myofascial release than its traditional counterpart. Additionally, this technique is painless, relaxing, and typically leaves no marks on the skin.


What Are The Benefits Of Cupping Massage?


The two main players (or culprits) in deep tissue soreness and stiffness are lactic acid and fascia. Cupping addresses both. You don’t have to be an athlete to experience the benefits of cupping. Nearly every lifestyle—active, sedentary, or somewhere in the middle—results in its share of muscle knots, cramping, and tightness. Relief from these ailments is one of the key benefits of cupping therapy.


Most of our Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) incorporate dynamic cupping into their treatments. Click here to book in with one of them today!

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