Health & Wellness Packages

Are you looking for Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, or Massage Therapy health & wellness packages in Calgary, AB?


We’re happy to offer health and wellness packages for each of the above services. These packages are a great way to prioritize your budget and your well-being! Each package gives you a 10% cost savings, and although you cannot transfer account credit to another profession (i.e. if you purchase a Chiropractic package you cannot transfer that account credit to a Physiotherapy session), you CAN purchase a package for each profession (Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, and Massage Therapy)! You can also still self-submit your discounted appointments to your extended health care insurance provider for reimbursement!


•Package of 12

•30 min $756

•45 min $1,080

•60 min $1,296

•90 min $1,620

•10% Total Cost Savings


•Package of 12

•Regular Chiro Sessions (15 min) $864

•10% Total Cost Savings


•Package of 12

•Regular Physio Sessions (30 min) $1,080

•10% Total Cost Savings

Again, these packages are a great way to help you save money by committing to your health and wellness! Contact our Member Services team at (403) 930-8686 or send them an email at [email protected] to purchase your package today! And if you prefer to purchase a package online, we have an option to do so with an encrypted online payment system through our scheduling/payment platform Jane!


*Massages can be transferred between durations at member’s discretion, as is considered an account credit, so if you decide later, you actually want 90’s instead of 60’s, as long as you have account credits it’s fine!


**Packages cannot be used between professions (i.e., you cannot use Massage credits for Chiropractic treatments).


***Packages pertain to a profession, not a specific Practitioner (i.e., you can use your credits for sessions with any Practitioner).

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