Massage Therapy

Our Approach To Massage Therapy


If a problem found you, it can come back…but not at MYo Lab.


Generally most people view massage as synonymous with simple relaxation, at MYo Lab we have a different approach. Our Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) place an emphasis on therapeutic massages.


Accordingly, this means that deeper techniques are utilized to correct your body and movement. Indeed, this allows massage to be used for recovery, injury prevention and mobility restoration. Within our team, our RMTs will be taking care of your muscular and connective tissue restrictions—a body that has lots of areas of tension is not a body that can move well. We pride ourselves on long-term wellness, helping your body build resiliency to meet the demands of your everyday life.


Therapeutic massages are our focus at MYo Lab, but this doesn’t mean we ignore relaxation techniques vital for those who need to de-stress. If this is for you, be sure to let your Massage Therapist know so they can adjust their techniques appropriately.  


Our Process


After a succinct history and assessment, your RMT may work directly on the area of trouble or on the area that is driving the primary complaint. Our goal is to address the problem itself for long-term solutions, and not just provide a quick and temporary relief. 


Our RMTs work as part of a multidisciplinary team, alongside our Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, and Personal Trainers, to reach better health and wellness and overcome chronic pain or acute injury and dysfunction in the shortest amount of time.


Our Methods


Our Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) are trained in a variety of modalities and utilize them on your care and wellness sessions with them. These methods include: therapeutic massage, relaxation massage, sports massage, and dynamic cupping.


Please do not hesitate to ask our RMTs if you have any questions about these modalities and/or if you would like them used more in any of your sessions at MYo Lab.

therapeutic massage in Calgary, AB



Common Conditions Treated

•Stiff and tight musculature



•Neck and back pain

•Low back pain

•Sports injuries

•Overuse injuries

•Postural-related pain

•Stress produced muscle tension

Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)

•And more…



Meet Our Registered Massage Therapists


Zack Hynes | BSc.Kin, RMT

Zack Hynes | BSc.Kin, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist | Massage Therapy Team Lead


Zack is a recreational athlete in a variety of sports, with a previous background as a Kinesiologist. Coming all the way from Newfoundland, Zack brings a fresh sense of education along with a unique understanding of functional body movements on and off the table.


Zack emphasizes the importance on education during treatment, being specific and intentional, while being a great conversationalist. Zack stresses the importance of either keeping or getting the body moving during treatment. Utilizing his strength, Zack takes a deeper approach to soft tissue work.


Areas of Passion


Ergonomics/Postural Dysfunction: Utilizing his background as a Kinesiologist Zack likes to ensure the body is capable of moving properly and efficiently. Postural dysfunctions are apart of everyone’s daily lives. Zack will aim to address any misalignment in regards to posture to ensure the body can move functionally.


Pelvis/Hip Dysfunctions:  Zack believes that in order for the body to move efficiently, the hub of all bodily movements must be addressed. Understanding the correlation between the pelvis/hip region along with other parts of the body is a primary focus from the first visit with Zack.


TMJD/Headaches/Neck Pain: Zack recently has taken a passion in treating jaw pain, both externally and internally. If you are someone who experiences chronic headaches/migraines Zack is the guy to help you out.


Treatment Style

•Active/dynamic based techniques

•Deeper massage techniques

•Emphasizes the importance of exercise rehab

Jeffrey Dejos | RMT

Jeffrey Dejos | RMT

Registered Massage Therapist


Jeff has always had a growing interest towards human anatomy and a compassionate heart in helping others; these traits led him to discover a personal approach in promoting wellness through Massage Therapy. His keen grasp of how the body’s intricate systems interconnect allows him to provide therapeutic treatments that will best address the presented conditions. 


Due to his empathetic nature, Jeff is able to utilize peace and calm in tandem with proven therapeutic and restorative techniques to diminish pain and increase function and mobility as part of your long-term health and wellness.


Areas of Passion


Trigger Point Release: Most people experience muscle knots that are quite bothersome and can refer to pain in other parts of the body. Jeff’s meticulous approach in digging through these trigger points creates quite the fascinating experience.


Upper Extremity: As a musician and Massage Therapist, Jeff knows the value of our arms and hands, and their integral role in our daily activities. Whether you are an athlete or an office worker, these muscles definitely require some attention.


Mental Wellness: Life can be quite stressful. Scientific studies have proven that chronic stress can lead to many physical health issues. Sympathetic down-regulation through massage can help with that, improving overall body functions.


Treatment Style

•Ischemic compressions

•Slow-paced deep techniques

•Passive assisted stretching

Trey Best | RMT

Trey Best | RMT

Registered Massage Therapist


Trey is a passionate and dedicated Massage Therapist with a strong commitment to enhancing overall well-being. With a deep understanding of the mind and body connection, his goal is to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and alleviate tension, restoring balance and vitality to Member’s lives.


He does his best to foster a warm and welcoming environment that encourages open communication and trust, ensuring Members feel comfortable discussing their wellness goals and challenges.


Treatment Style

•Dynamic cupping

•Trigger point & myofascial release

•Stretch protocols

Chelsea Kleckner

Chelsea Kleckner

Student Massage Therapist


Chelsea is a student massage therapist currently completing her program at Mount Royal University. Her interest in Massage Therapy was sparked in high school where she experienced soft-tissue injuries from competing in track and field, and regular treatments aided in getting her back on the field.


With a background in Kinesiology, Chelsea has an understanding of how the body moves, as well as the elements that drive or motivate people. She is keen to use this knowledge further with her new skills and knowledge acquired in her program, as well as creating a safe and inclusive environment for her clients.


In her free time, she can be found joining local running clubs for weekly runs in the community, trying (sometimes failing) new recipes and seeking opportunities to be outdoors as much as possible.


Areas Of Passion


Senior’s Health: Having worked with seniors before as a recreation therapy assistant, Chelsea is passionate in building relations with this population, and recognizes that contrasting generations have a lot to learn from one another. She understands the aging process, and how this can affect the body’s ability to move, and how to modify treatments and home care to ensure you are still able to reach your goals.


Arms/Hands & Feet: By targeting the muscle attachments specifically, Chelsea enjoys working these areas that sometimes go untreated in order to provide relief often stemming from postural imbalances and previous injuries, that can cause stress and strain that often we do not even know is there.


Treatment Style

•Trigger point therapeutic techniques

•Passive stretching

•Myofascial release therapy

Gillian Suderman | RMT

Gillian Suderman | RMT

Registered Massage Therapist


Gillian has a background in emergency medicine and made the change to massage therapy to help people pursue wellness before they are in a crisis. Having undergone two reconstructive knee surgeries herself, Gillian understands the importance of having a strong team supporting recovery and would love to be part of your journey. All of Gillian’s sense of humour can be traced back to the movies she watches.


Areas of Passion


Women’s Health: Helping women deal with the added fatigue, stress, and physical changes associated with pregnancy and postpartum is a priority for Gillian. Her techniques support physical health as the body experiences momentous changes, as well as provide relaxation and stress relief.


Headaches: Headaches go part and parcel with living in Calgary. But did you know, your headache is likely associated with neck and shoulder tension. Gillian’s thorough approach to treating these areas can help to alleviate tension headaches, and address postural concerns.


Shoulder Injuries: The shoulder has the most range of motion of any joint in the body which also means it has the least stability leading to common shoulder injuries. Gillian uses her anatomical knowledge of the shoulder complex to treat the affected structures.


Treatment Style

•Slow gliding and compression techniques

•Soothing approach to a therapeutic result


(Currently on maternity leave)