Virtual Personal Training

Looking for Virtual Personal Training?

No matter where you are in your care or wellness journey, MYo Lab’s certified Personal Trainers are the key to unlocking your health, habits, and success in movement. This is because simply, we can train everyone. Especially with this virtual option!


Driven by science-based results and long-term change, our Personal Trainers utilize completely personalized and custom training care plans. Therefore bringing our members from pain-free living to optimal strength by using focused training methods.


Our Personal Trainers work simultaneously with our Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, and Physiotherapists to triangulate and co-treat our members. Certainly, this offers the most comprehensive plan for wellness that will achieve long-term and lifestyle changes. This is done in the most efficient, safest, cost-effective, and results-driven way.




Virtual Personal Training (Weekly Online Updates)




This is an online virtual Personal Training option that offers our clients 4 weeks of personalized exercise programming with a highly detailed training journal, weekly check ins, video review of their exercises and 24/7 support from their coach through email or Instagram!


*A minimum of 8 weeks have to be booked.

private and fully-equipped gym

•Exercise Rehab Training

•Form Correction Sessions

•Strength & Hypertrophy (Building Muscle)

•Fat Loss

•Flexibility & Mobility

•Sports Training

•Core Strength


•Fitness Maintenance

•HIIT/Circuit Training

•And more…