Our Approach

DO YOU HAVE a joint or nerve issue and/or pain in multiple movements? —> Book a Chiro Assessment



DO YOU EXPERIENCE muscular weakness or pain with specific movement? —> Book a Physio Assessment OR Pelvic Health Assessment OR Schroth Scoliosis Assessment



DO YOU HAVE muscular tightness or a soft tissue complaint? —> Book a Massage Assessment



ARE YOU LOOKING to build strength and/or improve your lifestyle? —> Book a Training Consult



HAVE YOU BEEN INJURED IN A MOTOR VEHICLE (CAR) ACCIDENT? —> Book a Chiro MVA Assessment OR Book a Physio MVA Assessment



HAVE YOU BEEN INJURED AT WORK? —> Book a Chiro WCB Assessment OR Book a Physio WCB Assessment



MYo Lab values a truly collaborative approach to multi-disciplinary care to get you the results you deserve. If you are unsure who to book with, please call our Admin at (403) 930-8686 or book below with any one of our Practitioners and they will guide you along your health & wellness journey!



How To Prepare For Your First Appointment


It is important to show up a few minutes early for your first appointment so you can claim one of our 5 complimentary parking spots, be greeted by our team and fill out any necessary forms that require signatures, so our practitioners can ensure you receive the total allotted time for your appointment.

It’s our goal to make your first appointment (and every one after) to be completely stress-free and easy.


What should I wear?


For your first visit with one of our Chiropractors, Physiotherapists or Personal Trainers there is a light movement screening component. Therefore, wearing something you can move in would be most beneficial so our practitioners can get the best objective measures in order to provide you the best care plan.If you are unable to find this type of clothing MYo Lab can provide you with the proper attire if deemed necessary.


For your first visit with one of our Massage Therapists feel free to wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Once the appointment begins, you will have the option to undress to your comfort level, or stay fully clothed—your comfort is a top priority! All of our Massage Therapists are capable of accommodating however you feel most comfortable, whether that be unclothed or clothed.


What should I bring?


At MYo Lab we direct bill to over 25 different insurance companies, bring your extended health care information if you did not have a chance to fill out the online clinic intake forms prior to your first visit. Additionally, having your credit card on file makes leaving after an appointment as quick and efficient as possible.





The Process


Chiropractic and Physiotherapy


Your first visit with one of our Chiropractors and/or Physiotherapists will include:


History: an extensive health history in order to rule out any red or yellow flags which could preclude you from getting the results you desire with our services available, or perhaps be detrimental to your health. This portion also gives us great insight into how your primary reason for visiting us is affecting your life, along with establishing your goals of care while at MYo Lab.


Movement Screening: we use a movement screening system to give us objective data on how you move now. This process is revisited at the 6-week mark, on average, to ensure the proper care was received and to illustrate the improvements you have made, as well as focus points for the next stage of care that may exist in your health and wellness journey.


Assessment: in order to get the root cause of your pain an extensive orthopaedic assessment is performed so our practitioners have the most information necessary.


Treatment: we always aim to provide treatment (whether that be an adjustment, soft tissue therapy, exercise or all the above) at the first visit, unless unforeseen circumstances exist (i.e. red flags pop up, you are late, you would prefer to wait until the next visit for treatment, etc.).


Massage Therapy


Your first visit with one of our Massage Therapists will include:


On The Table Assessment: all of our Massage Therapists perform quick on the table testing during treatment via palpation, muscle testing and/or range of motion testing to ensure the proper care is provided.


Treatment: we ensure you receive the total allotted time for you massage whether that be 30, 45, 60, or 90 minutes.


Personal Training


History: At your 45-minute Personal Training consult, you’ll sit down with your Personal Trainer to discuss your health, exercise, and fitness history, as well as your goals, in order for us to completely personalize your training program. Your trainer will get a better understanding of who you are, what you’re looking for, where you can go from here, and any barriers to programming to be addressed.


Movement Screening: We use a state-of-the-art movement screening system to give us objective data on how you move now. This process is revisited at the 6-8 week mark, on average, to ensure the proper care was received, to illustrate the improvements you have made, and to mark focus points for the next stage of care that may exist in your health and wellness journey.


Programming: After your consult, you’ll receive a recommended standard of care in the form of a Personal Training program based on your current fitness levels and your future fitness goals. Once this program is established, your training schedule will be booked in, and you’re ready to begin crushing your goals with your Personal Trainer!


For your personal training sessions, you’ll want to arrive to the Lab in your comfiest (and most stylish) workout gear, with indoor gym shoes, a water bottle, and some great positive energy to burn!





Treatment Plan


Symptoms like pain and/or tension are often the last thing to show up, and the first thing to leave. Making people feel better short-term is not difficult, and thus it is not our passion. Our passion is to help people move better, so they can feel better long-term.


You will receive a recommendation for future care based on what our practitioners are confident will work best for you as an individual, the findings in the exam and the primary complaint you present with from many years of evidence-based clinical best practices and outcome measures.


Depending on the severity of your complaint it could take more treatments at the beginning of the plan, so we are not taking 1-step forward and 2-steps back.


No “Band-Aid” approach here!  We aim to treat the root cause of the issue, not slap a “Band-Aid” on in one or two treatments, only leaving you in need of more down the road but stuck at a loss of what to do. We prioritize people who are ready to invest in their health and wellness and are ready to put in the work to collaborate with our team to get the results deserved.





Yes, the entire MYo Lab team believes wholeheartedly in comprehensive care. Be that Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, or Personal Training, we commit to wellness care ourselves and promote it to our family members as well.


So, naturally, we want to treat you like we would ourselves and our family, and thus once we resolve your primary concern our team will work with you to recommends a wellness program that fits your lifestyle and goals, so  your healthcare doesn’t become reactive but rather a stable force in your personal journey.





We are always accepting new patients who are ready to commit to their health and wellness journey. 




If you are tired of receiving care that doesn’t seem to “stick” and are ready to experience the MYo difference, book now so one of our friendly team members can welcome you to the MYo Lab community today! We look forward to meeting you soon!