Dr. Shelly Bouvier

Dr. Shelly Bouvier



Shelly spent her life as a competitive dancer and continued into university where she received a Bachelor in Kinesiology with a Minor in Dance. Shelly has always had a passion for how the body moves which ultimately led her down the path of Chiropractic due to the numerous injuries that came along with dance.


Areas of Passion


Pelvis/Low Back: Her Chiropractic philosophy is that the pelvis is the foundation of the entire body and most complaints stem from this area. Due to many mentors in her life and her experience first-hand as a patient she has found great success in working with the body using this approach.


Paediatrics: Shelly began seeing a Chiropractor at the age of 8 due to a skating injury. She saw first-hand how Chiropractic care can help from a young age and ultimately helped further her ability to move and dance. Chiropractic care for paediatrics can range from a newborn all the way up into adulthood!


Weekend Warriors: Hiking is a passion of Shelly’s, and she can fully understand having a busy Monday-Friday schedule with minimal time to workout and take care of the body. She enjoys working with this population for help them achieve goals beyond what they expected of themselves while working around their busy schedule!


Treatment Techniques

•Full body adjusting/mobilizations

•Instrumented assisted soft tissue

•Extremity adjustments

•Activator technique


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