Dr. Evan Schwindt

Dr. Evan Schwindt

Chiropractor | Owner | CEO


Evan is a former collegiate basketball player who decided on a career as a Chiropractor after a better return-to-sport experience with Chiropractic than what traditional rest and anti-inflammatories could offer. He’ll be participating in ‘No-Shave November’ in 2030.


Areas of Passion


Low Back and Hips: Since day 1 on his chiropractic journey, Evan has seen the firsthand benefit of treating common conditions with a focus on the SI joints (pelvis). Accordingly he has found great success in helping people especially with low back and/or hip pain that has not responded favourably to other treatments.


Headaches/Migraines: When Evan first moved to Calgary he experienced the dreaded Chinook headaches, which created a drive to help people experiencing such pain get back to doing what they love.


Basketball Athletes: As a former Collegiate basketball athlete himself, Evan enjoys utilizing his passion and experience in the sport along with his professional expertise to serve these athletes.


Treatment Techniques

•Pelvis/SI joint focused treatment philosophy

•Sport-based Chiropractic treating extremities and active populations

•Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and dry-needling/IMS certified


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