Indie Lewis Schwindt

Indie Lewis Schwindt

Clinic Dog | Chiropractic Assistant | CJO (Chief Joy Officer)


Indie is MYo Lab’s official clinic dog, who you will find either lying on his bed in the open bay, following Dr. Evan around the clinic or asking for scratches from Members with his ‘bossy affectionate’ personality.


Areas of Passion


Bringing Joy to Members and Staff: Indie’s loving personality gives us all a reason to laugh when we are down. He is judgment-free, compassionate and increases everyone’s mental well-being. 


Stealing Tennis Balls: Indie helps the staff stay active throughout the day by stealing tennis balls he finds around the clinic and showing off his speed when anyone tries to get them back.


Demanding Scratches: Indie is impressively good at demanding scratches. He will move your hand into position with his snout, paw or head and will give you a look that no one can resist.


Treatment Techniques

•Indie’s fluffy tail wagging ferociously when he sees people, puts a smile on everyone’s face

•Indie’s presence calms Member’s nervous system, helping people feel calmer and more relaxed 

•Even a short interaction with Indie will cause you to produce feel-good hormones which increases feelings of trust and empathy while reducing stress and anxiety


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