Dr. Chantelle Green

Dr. Chantelle Green

Chiropractor | COO


Chantelle is a former recreational dancer with a passion for helping people lead the life they want to live. She believes that when people are moving well, and moving often, they’re unstoppable. She once shaved her head to win an argument, so you know she has the dedication to help you do you.


Areas of Passion


Lower Body: With a background as a child who was prescribed orthotics with little clinical reasoning or follow-up, Chantelle is passionate about addressing the dysfunctions in your lower extremities that create compensation patterns and pain in the rest of the body. 


Women’s Health: Chantelle believes that although women’s health includes pregnancy and post-natal care, it goes far beyond that. Back pain from bras and the pelvic floor shouldn’t be taboo subjects, and women should be provided with the opportunity to discuss their concerns and feel heard and validated. She is trained in Webster Technique to address dysfunctions in the pelvis, which can be helpful during pregnancy. 


Artistic Athletes: As a former recreational dancer, Chantelle understands that artistic athletes present a unique challenge. She loves helping them see how their exceptional mobility needs to be built upon a solid foundation of strength.


Treatment Techniques

•Diversified adjusting

•Manual muscle release

•Webster Certified


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