Daniel Lawson | MPT, BAKin, ISST Schroth Therapist

Daniel Lawson | MPT, BAKin, ISST Schroth Therapist



Dan was a competitive distance runner, hockey player and competed semi-professionally in kick boxing/Muay Thai in Japan. He found a passion for physical therapy while self-rehabbing the many, many injuries he and his teammates sustained boxing.


Areas of Passion


Running Injuries: humans are ‘born to run’ as Christopher McDougall put it, and there is no experience quite like running. However, like any repetitive mechanical movement, overtraining and/or poor motor patterning can result in recurring pain and injury.


Low and Mid Back Issues: Dan has struggled with back issues caused by idiopathic scoliosis since his teens, which fostered an empathy and drive in him to help those with back problems.


Seniors (55+): Dan enjoys working with seniors to maintain their functionality and quality of life. He also enjoys hearing nostalgic stories from back in the day.


Treatment Techniques

•Soft tissue release

•McGill Method for back pain

•Building a doable home exercise program


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