Government Programs For Subsidized Care

Alberta Blue Cross Coverage For Seniors

-If you're over the age of 65, Alberta Health Insurance provides some coverage for chiropractic treatment through Alberta Blue Cross

-When you turn 65, you should receive a package of information from the Alberta Government about activating your coverage

- You may be eligible for coverage of $25/visit up to $200/year

-This coverage can be directly billed by MYo Lab

-Visit https://www.alberta.ca/seniors-health-benefits.aspx for more information

Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped

-If you qualify for AISH, you may be eligible to receive help with the cost of chiropractic and massage therapy services

-The application for assistance must be completed by your MYo Lab provider and your Medical Doctor

-Visit https://www.alberta.ca/aish.aspx for more information

Cancellation Policy= 24 Hours

All cancellations made <12 hours before appointment will be charged at 100% original rate; all cancellations made between 12-24hrs will be charged at 75% original rate. Rebooking will not be permitted until cancellation fee has been paid for.

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