Annika Schieck | BSc, MScPT

Annika Schieck | BSc, MScPT



Annika has always led an active lifestyle, and her love for volleyball, hiking, climbing, and skiing has built a deep appreciation for role our bodies play in supporting the activities we love. This appreciation has carried over into her career where Annika enjoys working with clients to help them return to the movements and sports they are passionate about after experiencing injury or setbacks.


Areas of Passion


Vestibular Rehab: Vestibular rehab focuses on the treatment of conditions that cause vertigo and dizziness symptoms. Annika has taken courses to further her education on how to assess and treat these conditions and finds working with patients experiencing vertigo to be exceptionally rewarding.


Seniors: Annika loves working with older populations to give them the tools and empowerment to stay mobile, active, and independent


Treatment Techniques


•Building collaborative and achievable home exercise programs

•Manual therapy


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