Personal Training


Women's Health Calgary

Functional Movement

With a diverse background in rehabilitation and athletics, our trainers look to expose and correct restrictions in your movement that can be holding you back from reaching your goals. By use of TRX, body weight exercises, and injury-accommodating workouts, our trainers find a way for EVERYONE to reach their fitness goals. 

Weightlifting Calgary

Strength & Conditioning

The body needs to work as one unit to reach it’s potential. Increase functional strength through both traditional and non-traditional weight training, and improve your cardiovascular fitness with our assault bikes, concept 2 rowers, battle ropes, and circuit training. MYo Lab offers a unique training experience that will make you move and feel better than you ever have before.

Group Exercise Calgary Kensington

Semi Private & Group Training

Save money, gain accountability and increase motivation with our semi-private and group training. Grab your spouse, or a group of friends and be lead by one of our high quality training instructors through effective group workouts. 

Kassidy Forsen | BSc Athletic Training, ATC

Female Personal Trainer Calgary

Personal Trainer

Kassidy broke her back while playing NCAA Div II Lacrosse in the USA, and used her recovery process to grow in her understanding of athletes & injury rehabilitation and she wants people to do what they want without fear that their body will hold them back. She’s not superstitious, but she is a little stitious.


  • Low back rehab
  • Athlete Training (rehabilitation & injury prevention)
  • TRX 
  • Team training

Training style:

  • Empowering people to feel educated, aware and comfortable 
  • Circuit Training
  • Sport-specific training & team training

Aaron Warner | CanFitPro PTS, MRU PFT

Strength Training Calgary

Personal Trainer

Aaron is our rugby-playing, weekend-warrior-powerlifting, strength training wizard and wants to help people live better through strength. For his own amusement, he also really wants English singer/songwrite Morrissey to be into competitive Fortnite.


  • Low Back Pain (McGill + DNS)
  • Strength Training

Training Style:

  • Establishing solid & safe foundation for weight training
  • Increasing strength with compound lifts
  • Goal focused training

Mitchell Henselwood | BSc Kin

Male Personal Trainer Calgary

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Mitch is our retired Queen's University football player turned coach. If he isn't coaching football in the community, he's coaching a variety of individuals out of pain and into the body of their dreams, through strength and conditioning. While he has a passion for health and fitness, he could probably eat his own body weight in chocolate.


  • Sport Specific Training  
  • Body Composition 
  • Corporate/Executive Training  
  • Exercising with an Injury & Anti-Aging

Training Style: 

  • Safe and Effective Training
  • Detail Oriented Approach with Lots of Cues and Feedback 
  • Form Quality Over Volume/Weight