Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Our Approach To Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy


Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy is important because most people don’t even know about their pelvic floor, never mind think about it! So if you’ve been wondering if your pelvic floor is healthy or not, let us shed some light on things. Pelvic floor dysfunction can present in many ways, but there are three major things to be aware of that would indicate that something might be wrong with your pelvic floor muscles: pain, peeing, prolapse. So look out for the 3 P’s and if you are experiencing something that you think isn’t right, our Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Lydia is here to help!


Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy is similar to other forms of Physiotherapy as its goal is to improve pelvic floor function through exercises, lifestyle modifications, education, and hands on treatment to decrease and eliminate your symptoms. This therapy involves assessing and treating a group of muscles that are involved with urinary, bowel, and sexual function.



Pelvic Health Assessment




60 minutes: Comprehensively includes history, pelvic health assessment, and physical exam.

Pelvic Health Follow Up




45 minutes: Thorough one-on-one treatment with your Physiotherapist. This will consist of mobilizations, exercise techniques, education, and adjustments or additions to your home exercise program.