Ben Thornton| BSc. Kin

Personal Trainer

Having repeatedly dealt with injuries stemming back to his high-school basketball days, Ben’s worked for the last 3 years to understand his dysfunctions and bullet-proof his own body through improving posture, myofascial-sling training, and mobility work. He’s learned where excessive tension in the body is commonly held, and how to re-wire the body to improve both physical and mental health.

Ben believes that taking the time to master the basics of posture and breathing can add many years of quality movement to one’s life, and he is passionate about helping others build their own foundation, regardless of age or ability. He specializes in improving walking/running biomechanics through his knowledge of the myofascial networks and aims to facilitate pain-free movement with all of his clients. For him, results that are both seen and felt are the goal.

Forever curious, Ben has experience with many techniques that can improve physical and mental health/performance including self-myofascial release, hot & cold exposure, isolation tanks, light therapy, supplementation, and meditation. He enjoys playing basketball, snowboarding, trail running, and of course training in the gym. Ben is also an avid musician in his spare time, producing and performing every chance he gets.

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• Rehabilitation

• Poor Posture

• Poor Breathing Mechanics

• Stress Reduction

• Injury Prevention

• Runners

• Basketball Players

• Seniors

Sam March | TFW, FRCms

Personal Trainer

 Samantha March is a Canadian national level powerlifting athlete who has been working with and around profession trainers and coaches for the last 6 years. Involved in a wide variety of sports her whole life, it wasn’t until her varsity volleyball years that she was inspired by her off court training coach to pursue personal training. His attention to detail and technique drew her to the art of movement and lifting weights. 


In her journey to refine her skills, she completed her Canfit-pro certification, training for warriors level 1 (TFW) and functional range conditioning mobility specialist (FRCms) while also attending lifting technique and nutrition seminars by Layne Norton and the De Novo team. With her bachelors degrees in Physical Education and Education, Sam’s experience working and coaching people of all ages and abilities contributes immensely to her success as a personal trainer today. 


In 2010, Sam had her first orthopaedic surgery reconstructing her ACL and cleaning up the damage from the meniscus and MCL tears. A second and third arthroscopy in 2013 and 2018 has allowed her to truly understand the rehabilitation process and the importance of a proper treatment plan in order to ensure the health and longevity of the knee joint. Sam works specifically during and after the rehabilitation process to increase the range of motion and then strengthen the new range in a focus to prevent injury or re-injury. 

Sam specializes in movement optimization through increasing mobility. Mobility is attained by increasing a joints ranges of motion and then strengthening those new ranges. Being able to control ones body in a safe, strong and  painless manner is Sams primary goal for her clients because it feels good to move and feeling good is what it’s all about. She believes strength is empowering and in order to gain strength we must first learn how to move our bodies properly with control. 

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• Volleyball Players

• Powerlifters

• Mobility

Kassidy Forsen | BSc Athletic Training, ATC

Personal Trainer

Having played NCAA Division II lacrosse in the United States, Kassidy has a wealth of knowledge and experience in a team environment which she brings with her to MYo Lab. During her time in the United States, she worked with variety of athletes ranging from high school football teams to NCAA teams including basketball, soccer, lacrosse, and volleyball, which included multiple national championship athletes. While in the United States, Kassidy suffered a low back injury and through her own recovery process gained a deep understanding for athletes, their mindsets and injury frustration levels. Now she strives to help others recover from injuries as well as prevent them. 

After earning her Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training, Kassidy moved to Germany where she had the opportunity to work with national and international level track athletes. She coached and treated athletes throughout their season as well as helped prepare them for numerous National and International Championships. The athletes Kassidy worked with ranged in age from 14 to 55 years old . This experience included working as an athletic trainer at the German National Championships (2015, 2016, 2017) and training camps in Portugal (2017, 2018). 

Kassidy specializes in helping athletes improve their functional strength and overall performance through safe and responsible training methods. She has vast experience in functional training, agility and speed, and is constantly learning new strategies to help her clients improve. Kassidy strives to help others feel confident, motivated, stronger, healthy and unstoppable. She has a true passion for inspiring people to reach their potential and personal goals, whatever they may be. With a passion for helping people, Kassidy can’t wait to work with people within the Calgary-area.

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  • Speed & Agility
  • Sport Performance
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Lacrosse
  • Hockey
  • Track & Field 

Brandon Siemens| IFPA + NPAA Pro Athlete

Personal Trainer

As a certified personal trainer, I focus on weight management, bodybuilding and overall improvement towards a well-balanced physique.

Growing up, being athletic was a second nature to me. Football and rugby initially introduced me to the gym and to a more well-rounded lifestyle. Since then I’ve been hooked and my obsession with fitness has lead me to compete in many natural bodybuilding competitions.

At 23, I placed 2nd in men’s physique and 4th in men’s bodybuilding with the INBF.  At 26, I proceeded to compete with the NPAA winning 1st overall in men’s physique which was followed by 1st overall with the IFPA pro. From the latter show, I was titled a professional physique athlete.

Fitness has always been a passion of mine and I strongly believe that with the knowledge I have built through competition, the CanFit Pro certification, along with many years of expertise I can help anyone transform their life.

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  • Strength Gain
  • Increase Muscle
  • Proper Lifting Procedures
  • Fat Loss
  • General Nutrition Advice