Kinetisense functional movement software.


Kinetisense is a markerless motion capture analysis system that objectively assesses a person’s movement in multiple planes of direction. The system can be used to analyze posture, squats and even gait. Having objective data is an advantage to trainers and practitioners because it gives them a clear idea of dysfunctional movement patterns, and helps them create targeted treatment approaches so the athlete/patient/client can optimize their performance and achieve their goals, whatever those may be. 

Kinetisense is designed for anyone and everyone; there are no limitations. It can be used for:

· athletes in rehab

· geriatrics risk of fall

· posture analysis

· gait analysis

· injury risk assessment

· performance/technique improvements

When being assessed with Kinetisense come prepared to move. We suggest wearing leggings, track pants or shorts above the knee and form fitting tops. This will ensure that the Kinect sensors can detect all areas properly, and reduce errors. Tight and bright is best!

For additional information check out our blog post or watch the quick video below of what a Kinetisense Advanced Movement Screen looks like!

Functional Movement Assessments

  • Our Functional Movement Assessment is a great tool to screen for injury risk and general movement dysfunctions. It can accurately measure neck and back range of motion and is considered equal to clinical gold standard measurements. It assesses regions of the body that may not be moving optimally and our Chiropractors and Personal Trainers can use this information to tailor treatments and training to suit your unique body. 

  • This Functional Movement Assessment uses the above Kinetisense Software to get objective data on the quality of your movements to help identify areas for improvement. 

  • Creating a baseline can be important for tracking progress made in the Lab. We’re focused on long-term, objective improvements. We want you to actually get better, not just feel better.

  • Baseline testing is also invaluable when it comes determining pre-injury status. An injury can occur at any time - during a sports game, going for a walk, or a motor vehicle accident. Having an accurate baseline before something happens means we can track your healing and recovery with objective data & measurements.